Farm / Agribusiness Insurance

farm /Agribusiness Insurance

Every type of farm can benefit from farm Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Danville, Pittsboro, Central Indiana Farm Insurance and Agribusiness Crop Insuranceinsurance.  A sound farm insurance policy will cover you in three main areas: Home or dwelling and contents coverage, farm property and operations coverage, and liability coverage.

Crop insurance protects farmers and ranchers who grow crops. This type of coverage can protect you from financial losses due to natural disasters or weather events that cause crop loss and/or low crop yield. This coverage also offers protection from loss of revenue due to price volatility in the commodity markets. This coverage is packaged a few different ways:

  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI):This program developed by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation offers coverage for inescapable crop loss and covers nearly all available crops. The MPCI consists of various policies and coverage options that insure farmers and agriculture producers against a decrease in crop yield or a loss of crops due to natural disasters, weather events and disease. It also protections you from revenue loss as a result of price changes in the commodity markets. You can choose products customized to your individual operations and needs or general policies that use county yields and prices.
  • Crop-Hail Insurance: While many crop-hail policies cover much more than hail, insurance professionals have kept the traditional name. Usually these policies also cover loss due to fire, during transit to storage, while in storage and more. You can also add options for loss due to windstorms, freezing conditions and other weather-related events.
  • Specialized Peril: Many crop insurance companies also offer coverage for specifically defined perils excluded from a MPCI or crop-hail policy. These would include, but are not limited to, the following specialized policies:
    • Grain fire policy: Covers most crops against natural, man-made or lightening fire loss
    • Rainfall policy: Covers loss of crops, such as tomatoes and raisins for rainfall issues
    • Citrus freeze policy: Protects citrus growers against loss due to early freezes
    • Citrus business interruption policy: Covers citrus packers if their business is interrupted as a result of a freeze
    • Hay fire policy: Covers fire damage while hay is in stacks
    • Other specialized policies: Ask your insurance agent for coverages available in your state or region

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