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If your product causes any form of injury or damage, business product liability insurance will cover compensation and possible legal fees if you’re taken to court. Of course, those who accuse you of producing defective products must first prove that the item in question is really defective. Product liability laws state that those who claim a product caused injury or damage must meet the following criteria before they can make a claim against your product liability insurance company:

  • The claimant suffered an injury or other form of loss. If the individual making the claim can’t prove that the product actually caused any harm, there is likely not a strong case and you won’t face charges.
  • The product was defective. If the claimant can’t prove that the product has a defect which caused the loss, it may lead to further questioning of the injury situation.
  • The product’s defect was solely responsible for the injury. If your product is correctly labeled with safety instructions and the user fails to adhere to them, you likely can’t be sued for a defective product.
  • The product was being used as intended. If the claimant isn’t using the product as it was intended, the likelihood that the claim will go forward is low.

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