Last year, we had three top bloggers review three distracted driving apps.

Since then, even more distracted driving apps have come on the market. These apps promise to help you resist distracted driving, which will ultimately help reduce your risk of being in an accident.

Not sure what’s out there? Then read about six of today’s top distracted driving apps:

1. OneTap: This distracted driving app intercepts all of your incoming messages while you’re driving and informs anyone trying to get in touch with you that you’re driving. It also lets you check the driving status of your friends and family before you place a call or text. Free for Android; in development for iOS.

2. TextLimit: As a parent, you have the power with this distracted driving app. It lets you set a driving speed in which certain calling and texting capabilities are partially or totally disabled. The app can even send you an email when your child exceeds a certain speed limit. $24.99/year for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

3. CellControl: This distracted driving app requires installment of a device under your steering column that monitors when a car is on the move. Once it is, a driver is unable to talk, text, email, take photos or surf the web. Revolutionary technology recognizes who shouldn’t be using the phone—so passengers are free to use the phone while drivers are restricted. $129 to $359/year depending on how many cars benefit. For Android, iOS and select Brew devices.

4. Apps from major cell phone carriers: These include Sprint’s “Drive First,” Verizon’s “Safely Go” and AT&T’s “Drive Mode” apps. Each one blocks incoming texts while you’re driving and sends a customizable message to any incoming callers.

It may seem ironic, but your phone may just be your greatest ally in the battle against distracted driving.