designated driver for New Year's

No excuse in the book will change the fact that driving drunk is not OK. And you’ve probably heard them all:

I’ve only had a few.

I’ll be fine. I’ve driven buzzed before.

I live 5 minutes away, so driving is safer than walking back.

Don’t worry, I know where the checkpoints are – I won’t get pulled over.

It’s a scientific fact: The more alcohol you consume, the more your judgement is impaired. (Anyone who’s woken up to a cringeworthy text could tell you that.) With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to get a designated driver before you pop the bubbly this New Year’s Eve.

Bonus: In today’s tech-driven era, finding a DD is as easy as opening an app on your phone. So don’t make excuses. This year, make a plan.

1. Call an Uber or Lyft

Uh-oh – you said you’d just stay for one drink, but now you’re breaking out your impressions of the 2016 presidential candidates. It’s time to put away your keys.

In the moment, a sober driver is just a few taps away with Uber or Lyft. Better yet? Promo codes are easy to come by to lower the cost, especially for first-time riders. Check out this $20 credit from

2. Hail a cab

Pro tip: In many cities, fares are discounted or even free on Dec. 31. Check with your local municipality to see if local businesses or nonprofits are sponsoring free cab rides. (And don’t forget to tip your driver!)

3. Ask a friend or family member

Not everyone is into champagne and sparklers on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask a sober pal to be on deck when you’re ready to call it a night. For good karma, return the favor by DDing next time, treating them to a thank-you dinner or buying a gas card.

4. BeMyDD

Looking for a sober ride home, but don’t want to worry about picking up your car in the morning? Hire someone to drive your car for you with BeMyDD. They’re available by phone or with an app in 76 cities in 31 states – the self-proclaimed largest designated driver service in the country. Pricing is by the hour, not by destination, so you can stop to pick up friends (or a drive-through burger) while you’re safely whisked away home.

5. Consult the Web

In the Internet era, you really don’t have the excuse of saying you couldn’t find a DD. For more resources, check out the National Directory of Designated Driver Services or this comprehensive list from AAA.

Don’t forget: If you’re hosting a New Year’s party with excessive alcohol, most states will hold you responsible for your guests’ actions behind the wheel. In those states, anyone injured by a drunk driver has the right to sue the host of the party who served the alcohol. Sometimes, criminal charges may even apply. Know your host liquor liability and make sure your guests have a safe and sober ride home.