For many homeowners, it’s not just how good the kitchen looks or what kind of entertainment system is installed.

It’s also about the outside, where homeowners do their best to maintain a healthy green lawn, grow flowers and keep the trees healthy and full of leaves.

The biggest challenge anyone with a lawn or a garden faces is Mother Nature. We all know that the weather doesn’t always cooperate. An overly wet April might give way to a summer-long drought. Whether you live in the northeast or the southwest, it’s never easy to get the perfect weather to support a beautiful lawn and garden.

For this reason, many homeowners decide to install a lawn sprinkler system. A lawn sprinkler system can easily make up for the lack of rain and can keep your yard looking fresh and vibrant.

Yet a lot goes into these modern forms of irrigation. In the following posts, we’ll explore everything from the history of lawn sprinkler systems to how to best use your sprinkler system. The posts will include:

  • A brief history of lawn sprinkler systems: In a way, the story of modern-day lawn sprinklers goes back to the dawn of civilization. From ancient irrigation systems primarily built by digging tunnels to modern computer-aided systems, we’ll take a look at how engineers have worked throughout history to bring water to fields and lawns.
  • What to consider before installing a lawn sprinkler system: If you’ve ever considered installing a lawn sprinkler system, this post will help guide you through the many options available. We’ll cover important topics such as how the part of the country you live in affects your choice, what you should budget and more.
  • How to use your sprinkler system: Like any piece of equipment, it’s important to know how and when you use your sprinkler system. We’ll go beyond the basics of “use it when it hasn’t rained much” and give you tips to increase your system’s efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Alternatives to lawn sprinkler systems: Though they make lawn care considerably easier, you do not need to install an entire system to have a beautiful yard. We’ll offer suggestions on other lawn-care methods, along with some pointers on how to install your own low-cost sprinkler system.

The goal of all these posts is to give you better insight into sprinkler systems and, ultimately, a better understanding of how to make your lawn look the best it can. Let’s get started.