extra mile

Insurance can be a tricky thing to understand. Fortunately, an Erie Insurance agent can help you make sense of things—and so can this cheat sheet of sorts. It can help you understand how ERIE gives you better protection and peace of mind with coverage that often goes well beyond what’s standard. Find out how—and how you can get more coverage for less than you may think.

Your car

Did you know that your Erie Insurance personal auto policy includes coverage…

  • When a friend crashes your car? So long as the covered damage is within your policy’s limits, you gave your friend permission to borrow your car and your friend is not an excluded operator, you’re covered.
  • For a car rental after certain claims? A comprehensive claim involves incidents that do not involve collision or upset. A few examples of a comprehensive claim include hail damage, vandalism, theft and a run-in with a deer. If you have a covered comprehensive claim, you have coverage for a Class 1 Compact Sedan rental car with no daily limit up to 45 days. Or, if you choose alternative transportation methods (bus, train or taxi fares), those expenses are covered up to $20 per day with a total limit of $450 to $900, depending on which state you live in. You can also upgrade the rental vehicle class or the per day dollar limit by purchasing additional coverage. For coverage after a covered collision claim, you will need to purchase the broader Transportation Expenses coverage.
  • For Fido and Fluffy? When there is a covered loss, your policy covers dogs and/or cats owned by you or a relative that are injured in your vehicle at the time of an accident. ERIE will pay a maximum amount of $1,000, with a $500 limit for each pet, to receive veterinary and medical care. And while nothing can truly replace a beloved pet, ERIE will pay up to $500 for you to get a new dog or cat if injuries result in the death of your dog or cat, including the cost of a first wellness visit and the cost to spay or neuter (subject to a $1,000 limit per accident). These limits include the cost for both veterinary care and replacement costs. (Not available with North Carolina policies.)
  • For a damaged windshield? Your comprehensive deductible is waived when a damaged windshield is repaired rather than replaced. (Additional premium is required for full window glass coverage in New York and Illinois.)
  • To waive the collision deductible when you have an accident with another ERIE-insured auto? Have a run-in with another car insured by ERIE? Then you’ll be relieved to know that you won’t have to pay a deductible—ERIE waives it when two ERIE autos are involved in an accident. (Some limitations may apply to Flagship City policies.)

Drivers often opt to add collision coverage to their auto policy. If you add it on, you’re also protected if…

  • You’re stuck. ERIE offers $75 per person for travel costs, including meals and lodging, if you can’t reach your destination as a result of a covered loss. (Offered in all states except North Carolina.)
  • Your stuff gets damaged in
    an accident.
    You have up to $350 for the loss of personal effects, like clothing and luggage, inside your car.

Your home

Did you know that…

  • ERIE has no mandated named-storm deductible?1 Unlike other insurance carriers that mandate named-storm deductibles that could be something like 10 percent of your home’s value, ERIE’s named-storm deductible is an optional deductible selection. The named-storm peril deductible has been precisely defined to make it as clear as possible at claims time. The weather event must be assigned a formal name by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and applies from the time an advisory, watch or warning for a named-storm is first issued and ends 24 hours following the last advisory, watch or warning. In addition to hurricanes, tropical depressions and storms are included. (Winter storms are not applicable.)

There are many other ways you can get extra coverage and peace of mind for far less than you probably think. Check out our easy-to-read chart to learn how.

1 Not available in New York, North Carolina, Ohio or Wisconsin.