Google Glass for claims adjusters

Have you heard of Google Glass, the wearable technology that looks like a pair of glasses and includes video, photo and other computing capabilities? You can think of it like a mini computer that sits on your face.

Not surprisingly, it’s fun–and it could also be game changing for certain industries.

Just one is insurance. As part of a companywide innovation contest, two Erie Insurance Employees submitted an idea suggesting claims adjusters use Google Glass. The duo (and real-life couple) came up with their winning entry after watching an ERIE adjuster lug around numerous gadgets after they suffered a homeowners insurance claim.

Erie Insurance recently enlisted eight claims adjusters in a Google Glass pilot program. The results are promising, and they also sparked ideas for new applications for the device.

To learn more about Google Glass for claims adjusters and how the pilot panned out, check out this recent full-length article in Pittsburgh Business Times.

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