Drones have many uses.

In addition to the possibility of delivering your Amazon packages, drones may one day deliver a better insurance experience.

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are aircraft controlled by a “pilot” on the ground or by a pre-programmed mission. They have the potential to revolutionize many industries—including insurance.

One of the most important ways is by providing a safe way for claims adjusters to assess property damage after a catastrophe. They can also provide a better way of conducting surveys and inspections for insurance underwriters and risk control specialists.

Erie Insurance recently received conditional approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drones for these purposes. With this announcement, ERIE became one of the first insurers to receive approval to use drones as a safe and effective alternative to inspect buildings, assess damage and more.

Learn more about how ERIE plans to use drones, and what it means for Customers, in an article by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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