new age in claims

From smartphones to smart homes, the world around us is getting smarter. And ERIE is no exception.

It’s not just our opinion: Insurance Networking News recently named ERIE to the Five Hottest Carriers in Insurance Technology list.

Nowhere is the pace of innovation faster than it is in claims. Here are the ways ERIE is upping its game when it comes to handling claims—and how that ultimately benefits customers like you.

A little TLC goes a long way

In 2015, ERIE opened the doors to its state-of-the-art Technical Learning Center (TLC). In this 52,000-square-foot center, adjusters learn about the latest in automotive and building technologies by working on 14 vehicle bays and a three-story model home made from 400 different building materials.

Every ERIE claims adjuster (yes, every adjuster) takes courses at the TLC to gain exposure to a wide range of situations they’ll encounter in the field. In addition to completing the technical lessons, adjusters also learn how to help customers through an often stressful situation.

“We’re not just teaching claims adjusters how to be more accurate on estimating processes,” says Pat Burns, senior vice president, Claims. “We’re also teaching them how to best interact with customers, and to be Above all in Service® during the entire claims process.” (Learn more about the TLC by watching a behind-the-scenes video tour.)

Pass the Glass

There’s been a lot of buzz about Google Glass®, the eyeglasses with smartphone capabilities. This wearable technology excited the tech world—as well as two ERIE employees.

During a company-wide innovation contest, the duo suggested outfitting claims adjusters with Google Glass headsets. The employees came up with the idea after witnessing how many tools an adjuster carried to handle their claim.

After being tested for several months, Google Glass is now being used to enhance ERIE’s award-winning claims service. The hands-free wearable technology lets claims adjusters efficiently capture images, document claims, take dictation, receive weather alerts and more.

“It’s letting us take Above all in Service® to a whole new level,” says Property Adjuster Greg Emke.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s a drone?

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are aircraft controlled by a “pilot” on the ground or by a preprogrammed mission. Previously, we reported that ERIE received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones to more safely assess property damage and conduct surveys and inspections.

Last fall, ERIE became the first insurance company to use a drone to inspect a homeowner’s damaged roof. (See a video of the inspection on ERIE’s YouTube® channel.) ERIE is continuing to look at ways to take advantage of this emerging technology, so stay tuned.

ITEL for better intel

Another high-tech tool adjusters now use is the ITEL Mobile Lab app. This mobile app lets adjusters instantly send a photo of damaged flooring, siding or roofing to a special lab for analysis. Within half an hour, a report comes back, letting adjusters know the specifications, replacement price and more
about a piece of damaged property. Insight from the app, combined with adjusters’ own knowledge, helps them make accurate assessments of damaged property.

Other tech tools ERIE claims adjusters regularly use include laser measuring devices for quickly and accurately measuring distances, moisture meters that detect the extent of water damage to a surface and a new and improved system for housing claims information.

Though the technologies differ, the goal of each of these innovations is the same: to provide better service to customers.

“All of the advances we’ve been making have a common thread,” says Burns. “They improve our customer experience from the standpoint of speed and accuracy, without losing the human touch.”