Learn how to avoid burns at home.

Your home is your castle and your safe haven. Yet it’s also the place where you are most likely to suffer a burn.

Many of the tools we use every day can be harmful if they are used incorrectly or if they are handled by someone who doesn’t understand their inherent danger. To help you reduce the risk of burns at home, here is a list of simple tips to keep everyone in your home burn-free.

  • Pull the plug. Functional items such as curling irons, clothes irons and hot irons all have their purpose in the home. Just make sure to unplug them when you’re finished using them to reduce the risk of burning yourself or small children.
  • Play smart. Your kids want to play wherever you are. But when it comes to playing near the stove, the oven or the fireplace, find a new location for them to play – even if it means moving yourself.
  • Check the water. Hot-water burns are very common, so check the water temperature before you drink, bathe or shower. Set your water heater to 120° Fahrenheit (or the “low-medium” setting) to reduce burn risk. And don’t forget to check the temperature of any bottles given to infants. Microwaving bottles is especially dangerous because it can cause hot pockets in the fluid.
  • Take simple preventive steps. Simple steps can make your home safer and help you avoid burns at home. Turn pot handles inward toward the stove, unplug space heaters when not in use and don’t allow candles to burn in empty rooms. Also make sure to stash lighters and matches in a secure place where children can’t reach them.
  • Wear protective gloves. Not all burns at home come from fire. Wearing gloves and protective clothing can keep you safe from burns caused by household chemicals.
  • Keep an eye on your cords and electrical outlets. Cover electrical outlets to protect against electrical burns and throw out any electrical cords that look frayed or damaged.

Next, learn how to avoid burns outside of your home.

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