Realtors, moving companies and your best friend will tell you that May through September is the most popular time of year to move to a new home.

It’s not hard to see the advantages. Many houses and apartments are on the market, plus there’s the fact there are no blizzards or ice storms going on.

If you’re moving, chances are that you’re not heading for the big city or a small town. The biggest population gains are once again swinging toward the suburbs, according to the U.S. Census.

And you’re probably not going far: Of the 11.7 million people who moved in 2014, 6.6 million did not cross a state line. Another 4.4 million moved within 50 miles of their last address.

Whenever and wherever you are moving, the following tips can help you have a hassle-free move.

  • How to hire a moving company: Hiring a moving company is more complicated than many other kinds of service transactions. It gets even more hairy when you cross state lines because regulations vary from state to state. This post will tell you how to find a reputable company that you can count on.
  • What to do before you move: Picking up and moving your entire household is a huge task, but planning and strategizing will make it much less painless.
  • What to do during the move: The big day is here. Exciting? Yes! Stressful? Definitely. Keep a few tips in mind, and before you know it, your truck will be loaded and it will be time to shut the door on your old life.
  • Sorting it out after the move: The movers are gone, and your life’s in chaos. Where do you start? And what if the movers broke something? Find out how to handle these situations and more.

The goal of these posts is to help you plan for one of life’s biggest transitions and to keep your belongings and sanity intact. Ready to learn? Then let’s get started.