We have the most-shared Eriesense posts of 2014.

Over the past year, Eriesense posts have offered trusted advice on everything from sprucing up your home to safe driving to making sense of insurance.

With 2014 coming to a close, we wanted to recap of the most-shared Eriesense posts. Here are the five articles that readers shared with their social networks the most this year, from five to one:

    5. Quiz: Which Home Improvement Projects Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck?: This eight-question quiz lets readers see how savvy they are about home improvement projects.

    4. Next Up: Radar Guns That Bust Texting Behind the Wheel: Our post about the futuristic technology that’s raising controversial questions was a reader favorite.

    3. What’s in a Name? Car Accident Claims: ERIE developed a widget that lets you see how often certain names file claims. Check it out to see where your name ranks!

    2. What Happens If My Neighbor’s Tree Falls in My Yard? ERIE claims experts weighed in on this tricky question.

    And now for the most-shared story of 2014:

    1. How to Survive Black Ice Driving: Our post explaining what black ice is, how it’s formed and how to drive on it topped this year’s list.

There will be even more helpful and entertaining information in 2015, so stop back often! And remember that you can always contact a local Erie Insurance Agent in your community if you have any questions about protecting the people and things you love most.

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