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Here’s a tale of Benny and his pup Banjo on the day Banjo’s cone came off. As it does in the life of any puppy, mischief abounds. Luckily, most pet care providers vets, groomers, dog park owners, dog daycare centers, pet spas and more–have insurance coverage that help protect against minor (and major) mishaps common in the lives of customers like Benny and Banjo.

If you’re in the business of providing care for pets, you’ve likely seen these things happen. Erie Insurance can help cover your business in a way that’s unique to you, protecting both you and the pets and clients you love and care for.

Here’s what to know

Whether you’re a veterinarian or another type of pet care provider, the article Insurance Veterinarians Need to Protect Their Practice may help you think about the best way to protect your business.

Own a store front where you sell treats, toys, leashes or other pet care products? Here’s what store owners need from insurance.

Want more? Keep your passion for furry friends as your main source of income with these tips below that are relevant to any business. And always remember that a local Erie Insurance agent can help you choose the insurance that’s right for you.

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Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe throughout the Year

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