Yes, it may be time once again to schedule employee performance appraisals. Are you ready?

To help ensure the process goes smoothly, check out the Performance Review webinar. In this 25-minute recorded presentation, you’ll learn a lot about best practices and find out why documenting employee performance reviews are particularly important. For instance, if a performance appraisal is not in writing and something goes wrong, you could get in an unpleasant debate with the employee about what happened and when.

The key with performance reviews is to have a plan and be consistent with it. It can be a valuable opportunity to give feedback constructively to help your employees grow their skills.

Some of the other topics covered in the webinar include:

  • The advantages of progressive discipline.
  • The potential consequences of ineffective discipline.
  • The steps in the disciplinary process, including details about counseling and verbal, written and final warnings.

A decision to fire an employee is never easy. For tips on how to manage the process, watch Your Pre-Fire Checklist webinar, which was the first in a series of recorded business presentations posted on Erie Insurance’s blog.

The webinars were provided under an arrangement with The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. Contact a local Erie Insurance agent to learn more about affordable ways to protect your business.