When it comes to home maintenance, there are projects you can easily do yourself, things you can recruit friends for and projects a professional should handle. But what home maintenance jobs need done regularly and when should you do them?

We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of our best home maintenance advice, starting with a national survey of homeowners and what they do (or don’t do) when it comes to taking care of one of their most important investments.

  • Fix it or risk It?: Our national survey reveals poor homeowner maintenance habits—from lack of roof check-ups and furnace inspections to never-been-done chimney cleanings that leave millions of people at risk of major financial loss.
  • DIY or Hire a Pro?: Learn which questions you should ask yourself before going it alone.
  • Tips for Hiring a Contractor: Thinking about undertaking a home improvement project? If so, consult our checklist to ensure you get the right person for the job.
  • 10 Overlooked Home Projects: Homes require a lot of work, and some projects might not be on your radar. Learn how to tackle the most overlooked home projects.
  • 6 Reasons Why Water Heaters Fail: Your water heater is one of the household appliances you rely on the most. Learn why it might fail—and how you can help prevent that from happening.
  • 5 Sneaky Sources of Water Leaks: We all know that faulty pipes, roofs and toilets cause water leaks. But do you know any of the other common causes of water leaks?
  • 6 Ways to Prevent Home Water Damage: Learn six ways you can prevent home water damage from leaving you and your wallet soaked.
  • How to Prevent a Dryer Fire: Dryer fires happen. We’ve got nine tips to help you prevent one in your home.
  • Tips for Safe and Effective Home Heating: Checking your furnace can lower operating costs, protect your family against hazards and prevent your furnace from quitting at an inopportune time.