When you look into those wide, loving eyes, it’s hard to imagine your cat or dog could do any wrong. When your pooch howls in the middle of the night, they’re just trying to sing. What’s wrong with singing? And the scratch marks on the couch? Your cat’s just getting some exercise. That’s perfectly healthy behavior.

As hard as it may be to believe, not everyone will see your pet as the blameless creature that you believe they are. As cute and lovable as they are, there are some basic rules both dogs and cats should follow. And since they tend to have a hard time staying off the couch and keeping their noses out of human food, it’s the owners who have to learn the rules of petiquette. Not only is it a matter of courtesy to others, it’s also an important way to keep your furry friends safe and happy in public places.

In this series of posts, we’ll give you tips to ensure your pet has a safer, more enjoyable experience no matter where they go. The posts include:

  • Petiquette at the vet or groomer: Veterinarians and groomers are used to working with nervous, frightened or just plain unruly animals. In addition to covering how you can make your pet’s experience better, we’ll look at some things owners can do while waiting with their pets and when they’re with a vet or groomer.
  • Petiquette when traveling with pets: If you think traveling is stressful or tiring, try traveling with an animal. Like humans, being confined to a small space for an extended amount of time can cause your pet to grow agitated. In this post, you’ll get tips for traveling with pets on planes, cars and buses.
  • Petiquette at the dog park and other public spaces: With more dog parks popping up around the country, it’s important to know what some of the expectations are in these sometimes crowded spaces. We’ll also share etiquette rules for hiking trails, walking around town and if it’s ever okay to bring your dog to a restaurant.
  • Petiquette at doggy daycare: Whether you have to leave your pet for a few nights or you just want him or her to be watched over while you’re at work, putting your dog in doggy daycare is a convenient way to make sure they’re cared for while you’re gone. Do you know how to get them ready and what (if anything) you should leave with the dog sitters?

While the term “petiquette” may bring to mind stuffy dog etiquette lessons, these posts will be anything but that. They will provide simple tips to keep your pet and others happy and safe. Ready to learn more? Then let’s get started.